Maximal is a company attentive to new trends and new innovations.
We look at what is able to innovate the way we conceive and exploit new products and services. We dialogue with other companies active in the same sectors in which we distribute our products, developing mutually beneficial partnerships.

Farifa and Maximal

The company

Farifa is a company that designs and produces furniture and furnishing accessories with a simple and exclusive design.
The activity of farifa combines the recovery and creative enhancement of materials of different types and origins (upcycle) with the original design and the use of low environmental impact technologies.

The innovative method

Farifa works on the recovery and transformation of materials: old wooden planks, parquet slats, wooden false ceilings, scraps of plexiglass workmanship, remnants of fabrics. The main source of supply are construction sites, plastics retailers and Italian furniture wholesalers. Raw materials, components and finishes are natural; handmade by a carpenter, restorer, upholsterer, blacksmith, glazier.

The partnership

Farifa arises from the initiative and creativity of Silvia Pellizzi, an architect, united with Maximal, a company that distributes lamps and electrical and electronic equipment with high technology and low environmental impact, and to Phloema, which brings to this original partnership its contribution of skills management.



Farifa proposes itself on the market with three product lines. Available online at

Registered Office

Via Leonardo da Vinci 10
23900 Lecco (LC) - Italia


Phone: +39 0341 367526


Monday - Friday
9:00 - 18:00