Evolution in online distribution

Since 2006 Maximal has grown growing in the online distribution sector

Today, through various specialized e-commerce, it quickly markets the most modern technologies.

Constantly adapting, to remain competitive in the ever-changing markets

Maximal distributes thousands of high-tech electronic products, from the LED lighting sector to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market.

Combines the skills of his management with thirty years of experience in the distribution sector, with the dynamism offered by the web, taking advantage of the new online communication technologies.

With its partners Maximal creates an ecosystem in which distributor and customer share their knowledge, developing the optimal solutions to growing each other.

Developing optimal solutions to mutually growing

Our Mission

"Selezionare e distribuire prodotti di qualità, condividere l’esperienza, supportare il cliente nella definizione delle soluzioni più efficienti per il proprio business"

logistica maximal


Thanks to the most advanced online tools we optimize the logistics, distribution and payment processes.
With our systems we keep online stores up-to-date, offer quick contacts and guarantee secure transactions.

supporto maximal


We offer B2B support to our business clients.
In communication, marketing and distribution, your company can find in Maximal a concrete, serious and reliable partner.
To our end customers, we offer the documentation and technical support necessary for the correct use of the products.

ecosistema maximal


We believe that sharing experience and skills we can generate value.
This is why we want to create an ecosystem in which distributors and buyers compare, share solutions and establish a long-term relationship.
Growth and mutual development are our goals.

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Registered Office

Via Leonardo da Vinci 10
23900 Lecco (LC) - Italia


Phone: +39 0341 367526


Monday - Friday
9:00 - 18:00